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Update April 2014:This year was very exciting - This summer I went to Poland, did a couple projects there for my family and photographed Goral woodworking at the source. But the highlight has been learning how to woodturn. My neighbor Steve Sergev, who I met along with his wife Cory (under unfortunate circumstances involving dogs), has been turning since he was a teenager and has generously taken the time to teach me. He invited me to an AAW (American Association of Woodturners) meeting and I have been going ever since. Although focused on woodturning, the club and its guest speakers have taught me more advanced techniques in general woodworking, such as properly cutting wood (chainsaw safety), properly stacking, storing and preserving lumber, as well as advanced finishing methods that can be applied to any project. Thank you Steve for expanding my woodworking skills!

Update End of 2012:This year was a sad year for me personally: in March I lost my friend Norbert, in August my teacher Janusz, and in October my grandmother Krysia. These were all my teachers in one form or another and I miss them greatly. Most of my pieces this year were dedicated to friends and family, but there were also a few nice restoration projects and an interesting tennis dropbox commission. Please check them out!

Website Online March 2012: This site is designed primarily to showcase my projects and the range of my abilities in order to illustrate the "custom design" aspect of my company. I have divided the photographs of my projects into two categories - those that are primarily woodworking are under the portfolio link, while non-woodworking projects are under the other projects link.
I plan on updating this page as soon as new and interesting projects are finished so please check back often. If you are curious about a specific project and have questions, or are planning on starting a custom project, please dont hesitate to email me or call me.