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client testimonials

"Marcin Kott has completed two projects for me: a pencil box and an office organizer tray with a secret compartment. He has really outdone himself on both projects! The pencil box was very unique in design, in the shape of an oval, and he even inset my son’s initials to personalize it. For the office organizer, I didn’t give him much time, yet he came up with a clever design for the secret compartment and completed the entire project in time for my husband’s birthday. You can tell he has paid great attention to every detail of the work he does. He puts his heart into his work and always has a smile when you meet him. What I like most about Marcin is his craftsmanship and pride in his work."


“Marcin Kott has worked for us on several occasions, and every time we were very happy with the results.
In one case, we asked him to restore to former beauty a little antique figurine of a Hindu goddess, that was missing part of the head. It was a very precise job which required working with a miniature piece of wood while recreating very intricate details. The color of the wood had to be a perfect match and the connecting line invisible. We were not even sure, it could be done. The fact that Marcin was able to restore the figurine to the practically perfect state, proves he has an amazing eye for details, a very steady hand for working on miniature projects, and, in general, sizable woodworking skills.
In another case, Marcin found in our garden old and rusty iron legs, and volunteered to build a garden bench. The bench turned out to be not very suitable… for a garden. It simply was so beautiful and stylish, made with such attention to details, that we immediately decided to put it in our living room. It is still standing there; as our beloved piece of furniture, as well as proof of Marcin's amazing ability to imagine beautiful things and then turning the vision into reality.”

Izabella and Andrzej Turski

"Among all our keepsakes, we all own those rare, prized possessions that will stand the test of time. They do so because of their unique craftsmanship, their originality of purpose, and something more - that certain splash of character that embodies the qualities that we hope will endure in us. As the grateful recipient of an MK custom design woodworking, I am pleased every single day to own something that captures all three of these qualities, so effortlessly."

Konrad T.